Out of the Mouth of Babes – Get off email lists!

Currently I go from teaching Early Morning Seminary to teaching sequential block classes at Brigham Young University Hawaii before starting the rest of my regular work day. It reminds me of the Army advertisements (I was in the Army so I love them) where “we do more before breakfast than the rest of the world does during an entire day”.

While going through my email between classes a few days ago one of my students came in early. In response to her question of “How are you today professor?”,  I casually made the comment that I had received 135 emails already and was going through them. Her response was “Don’t you know how to get people to quit sending you emails?”

All at once the statement I had heard in Church forever of “out of the mouth of babes” came to full realization as I realized that I was doing something that I teach others not to do. I was thinking that deleting all those emails was part of a productive day. In fact, I had kind of bragged to her about my 135 emails, of which only 2 had any importance whatsoever.

One of the keys to the future is going to be learning how to spend our time dealing with what immediately comes in front of us that is really important. I learned from my student and I now spend a few extra minutes “unsubscribing” myself from email lists I never knew I was on, but in only a few days, I’ve noticed my inbox shrinking, allowing me to quit thinking that I’m successful during my day by the number of emails I’ve deleted. My only success, after all, is what I’ve actually accomplished!

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