Celebrating the Luck of the Irish!

When Sir Walter Scott said "Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” I don’t think he even imagined the power of false information from the internet. Today, in my email inbox, I received an email from Yummly that stated: “Popular Irish Recipes”. It being Saint Patrick’s Day, I took further note. The number one on Yummly’s list was “Irish Potatoes”. I had potatoes in my refrigerator, so I clicked to check this out. Number one on the list of ingredients was “14 ozs [Read more...]

The Lurking Dangers Behind “Sound Bites”

One of my favorite speakers was recently blasted with social media comments after a speech he gave. Elder Bednar has social media following him with ‘quotes’ saying "There are no homosexual members of the Church”. The people using this as a “Sound Bite” are twisting and distorting the truth of what was actually said for their own purpose, which is to show that the Church is in their opinion, wrong. This is the power of a “Sound Bite”. People believe it as truth, whether it is or whether it [Read more...]