Out-Live Your Competition – The Secret of Success!

A while back I was invited to a high school Career Fair as part of a panel discussion on how to best plan your future. During questions and answers, I was asked “What is the secret of success?” I replied, “Out-living your competition”. I’ve never been asked back.

Today I received proof I was right!

Let me introduce you to Ida Keeling, who just a few days before her 101st birthday, broke the world record for 100-year olds running a 100-meter race.

I know—you’re all saying “well duh– How many ran it?” My point exactly!

I’ve represented companies as an attorney and as an accountant for now approaching 35 years. Most have come and gone. A few that I started with are still thriving. The difference? They out-lived their competition.

I’ve noticed something over the years. The vast majority of people start the race with the attitude that they are the fastest, or the greatest, or the most intelligent…ad infinitum. While I admire their belief, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of the most successful people I’ve met have not been the fastest, or the greatest, or the most intelligent. Instead they have all had the attitude of “I’m not going to quit. I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.”

That does not mean they stuck to something that didn’t work and just kept trying to make it work. What it means is they kept trying different methods, different ways…. they kept learning, growing, adapting.

And then that magical day happens. They succeed. And their friends all say, “you are so lucky.”

It’s not luck. It’s not intelligence. It’s not ability. It’s out-living your competition!

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