Hollywood Set Builder Gets Independent Contractor Ability to Schedule C Deductions

The Tax Court just granted Independent Contractor status to a W-2’d employee. The circumstances are very familiar to all those who have ever worked in Hollywood. In this case, Jorge Quintanilla was a production worker who worked on approximately 150 commercials shot in Southern California over two tax years. The different productions varied from one day to a month in duration. In addition, the exact job titles varied from assignment to assignment. As is very common with Hollywood productions, [Read more...]

Early Morning View

Early in the morning, every school-day, I have the privilege to meet with a group of Freshmen and Sophomores before school, in an Early Morning Seminary class. I love the beginning and the end of the school year because I'm greeted by this view from the parking lot before I go in and set up class. In a few more weeks, it will still be dark when we start. Just another day in paradise!