Personal Experience Creates Personal Point of View

This week, something my Father wrote in his weekly letter to the family made me chuckle. Not because the underlying event was funny, (the Battle of the Bulge was horrific), but his comment about attending a presentation about the Battle of the Bulge hit a truth-bullseye. To understand his comment, you must know that my father served in the 3rd Army as a foot soldier. He landed on D-Day on the shores of France and then got a not-so-wonderful tour through Europe, including the famous battle [Read more...]

Celebrating the Luck of the Irish!

When Sir Walter Scott said "Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” I don’t think he even imagined the power of false information from the internet. Today, in my email inbox, I received an email from Yummly that stated: “Popular Irish Recipes”. It being Saint Patrick’s Day, I took further note. The number one on Yummly’s list was “Irish Potatoes”. I had potatoes in my refrigerator, so I clicked to check this out. Number one on the list of ingredients was “14 ozs [Read more...]

Must See- Once I Was a Beehive

Last night was a rare night for me. For nearly two hours I forgot about emails, I forgot about assignments, I forgot about all the day-to-day frustrations of life--  Because for nearly two hours I was too busy laughing and crying to even be able to think about them. I owe that break to the movie Once I Was a Beehive.This movie is brilliantly written. The humor is actually funny (not some overworked formula or shock humor). The opposite happens as well. I cried because it touched true emotions. [Read more...]

Out of the Mouth of Babes – Get off email lists!

Currently I go from teaching Early Morning Seminary to teaching sequential block classes at Brigham Young University Hawaii before starting the rest of my regular work day. It reminds me of the Army advertisements (I was in the Army so I love them) where "we do more before breakfast than the rest of the world does during an entire day". While going through my email between classes a few days ago one of my students came in early. In response to her question of “How are you today professor?”, [Read more...]

War Letters Legacy Project

My father has written a letter to his family, including now grandchildren and great-grandchildren, every week since he retired about 20 years ago. My mother assists as well. As we approached this most recent Veteran's Day, we all received a letter that included a picture of him on a mountain-side in Europe taken after the end of Wold War II, while he was on leave, but still part of the occupying forces. His comment was short, as has been all his comments about World War II. He simply expressed [Read more...]